Leon Humphrey - Carter County Mayor

I am a Constitutionalist who believes in small government “OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE.” I advocate free enterprise – taxes should be low and families should be allowed to keep what they earn. As an office holder and citizen, I STRIVE TO MEET A HIGH MORAL STANDARD. My chief commitment is to transform “Business as Usual” to a “LEAN CULTURE” where tax dollars are saved and business thrives. I strongly support gun rights, our service men and women, and our shared American heritage. Yet right now Carter County needs ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, JOBS AND NEW REVENUE STREAMS.

Since 2010, I have committed to:

  • Base financial decisions on sound business practices and oppose unnecessary tax increases.
  • Audit budgets and eliminate wasteful spending.
  • Initiate and maintain an Open-Door Policy.
  • Insist on government transparency.
  • Work to attract employment opportunities and business to Carter County.
  • Make commission and board appointments based on qualifications.
  • Take ZERO campaign contributions.

* My campaign has been completely self‐funded, allowing the office to be free of the obligations of political favors.

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