For Carter County

Carter County's population reached an all-time high in 2010 with 57,424 citizens. 2016 estimates show that number declining by approximately 922 citizens. The US Census Bureau reports that more than one-fifth of our citizens live in poverty. With our aging population, the mortality rate averages about 13% annually. It is critical that we focus all our efforts on economic and community developments, attracting new jobs, residents and tourists.

These negative trends must be reversed.

While serving as Mayor, I have witnessed the old guard continually justify their support of big government. These people do not believe government can be run like a business. Their focus is on self-interest rather than on the actions that will remedy our financial ills. Our elected officials have forgotten who they work for: you, the citizens of Carter County, whose tax dollars pay our salaries.

I greatly appreciate the confidence and trust you have placed in me since 2010. That year I made a firm commitment to the citizens of Carter County. I pledged to initiate sound business practices, reduce wasteful spending, oppose unnecessary tax increases, and do everything possible to reduce the size of county government. At no time have I backed down on these critical issues.

I respectfully ask for your consideration as Mayor for a third term. Rest assured my convictions are stronger than ever. There is a critical need to continue the positive trends we have started. Working together we have made, and will continue to make, a difference.

Your opinions and suggestions are important to me.

Don’t hesitate to contact me today.

Many thanks,

Leon Humphrey 
Leon Humphrey - Carter County Mayor

In August 2014 Carter County had 32,682 registered voters. That year only 12,458 voters cast a ballot during the General Election. Sixty-two percent of eligible voters did not vote.

It is our Constitutional right and duty to vote. We cannot sit idly by while politicians whittle away at our freedoms and our paychecks. We must strengthen the grassroots of Carter County, so that our citizens are heard at the County, State, and National levels.

If you are not a registered voter – or have a friend who is unregistered – click the Voter Registration Button below. Follow instructions for online registration or to obtain a voter registration form.

Click Here for Voter Registration
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If you prefer to use the voter registration form as opposed to online registration, click the Voter Registration Button above, print the form, complete it and hand deliver or mail it to: Tracy Harris
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